The phrase "same planet, different world" has gotten me through a lot of situations I just can't wrap my head around. Basically what the statement is alluding to is the fact that what seems normal in the world around me or the world around you is far from what is considered normal in other parts of the globe.

Greg Rosenke via
Greg Rosenke via

Apparently, in some parts of the planet, the worlds of kindergarten and pole dancing are intertwined. Or maybe that was just a poor choice made by a school principal. You know, the kind of miscalculation that gets a person relieved of their job.

The Xinshahui School in Shenzen China was holding ceremonies to welcome new students into their kindergarten program. As you might imagine it was a usual run-of-the-mill back-to-school program. A lot of teachers and administrators welcomed students and parents and then the pole dancing started.

As you might imagine parents were taken aback quite a bit but after doing a little snooping there did seem to be some reason for the unrequested rhyme. The school is located near another school, the kind of school that teaches pole dancing.

Eric Nopanen via
Eric Nopanen via

After the on-stage performance, several parents reported seeing advertisements for the pole dancing school in and near the kindergarten campus. One parent reportedly was hung up on by the school's principal when they called to ask about the "show". The Principal allegedly told the parent that performance was "international and good exercise" before disconnecting the conversation.

Further investigation revealed that the Principal may have been paid by the pole dancing school to put the advertisements up around campus and to allow the dancers to perform.

Just to be clear, pole dancing is great exercise and it's a great form of expression. Many people do it to stay in shape and a lot of them keep their clothes on while they're doing it. So, we're not condemning the pole dancing merely condemning the fact that a kindergarten program isn't the best place to share that form of artistic expression.

But there is a stigma, perhaps you've heard this song from Walker Hayes?

In the song, he sings " I'm just trying to keep my daughters off the pole and my sons out of jail". I think a lot of us can relate to that sentiment, especially when our kids are of kindergarten age.

You're probably thinking this kind of thing couldn't happen in 2022, right? Yeah, it happened in 2018 and folks are still talking about it. Maybe the school principal was on to something. After all, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Maybe all we really need is a hero. You know the kind of hero who can do, you know, stuff.

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