Later this afternoon ( June, 1) Governor John Bel Edwards is expected to announce at a 2:30 press conference what is next for the citizens of Louisiana as far as the reopening of the state following the coronavirus pandemic is concerned. By all indications the Governor's news should be positive and will hopefully lead to fewer restrictions being placed on businesses and citizens.

While that's what a majority of us are hoping for, it's would be wrong to say that all of the citizens of Louisiana are looking forward to it. For many, the anxiety of the coronavirus pandemic is about to ramp up quite a bit. Think of it this way, for weeks, those with concerns have been able to hide those concerns without explanation because of the government guidelines.

As those guidelines are lifted those who still feel uncertain about negotiating the "outside world" are facing a new level of anxiety. That's why many healthcare and mental health professionals are speaking up now. While these feelings may not be yours to the people that share them they are very real.

Some advice coming from the Tulane School of Social work would pair up nicely with the kind of advice your Mom would give you even without a pandemic. The first piece of advice suggests that you put down your phone or turn off your television for a few hours. Give yourself a break from the constant flow of often contradictory news stories.

Secondly, you should feel comfortable doing what you believe is best for you. If you want to wear your mask when you go outside, then wear it. If a place looks too crowded, don't go in. If you want to avoid stores then by all means keep using delivery services. You don't have to be a part of the "guinea pig" population.

But keep this in mind, you can't hide forever, so it's suggested that you look for ways to volunteer to help out the pandemic situation. There are countless organizations that could utilize your time and guarantee your safety too. Getting out of the house and helping someone else is always a great way to move past your own troubles.

Oh, don't forget to ask for help. There are a number of agencies across the state that are offering free coronavirus counseling. Whether you're very concerned or just a little anxious there is someone available at your fingertips with some great advice on you can move back out into living. And, you will, when you're ready.


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