Just when you thought everyone loved Buc-ee's a poll comes out to say that it is not America's favorite gas station brand.

Sure, they've got really clean facilities, great comfort food, and many gas pumps out front, but that was not enough to convince some in a USA Today poll that it's the best gas station brand in the country.

Buc-ee's ranked near the bottom of the poll when it came to respondents identifying their favorite gas station.

If you're wondering what gas station brand is the favorite, according to the USA Today poll the top gas station for food was named Maryland's Royal Farms and Kwik Trip got the title for best brand overall.

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While the food at Buc-ee's is often the draw for those driving by, it can't beat the Fried Chicken cooked at Royal Farms, according to those taking part in the poll.

Look, Buc-ee's may not have been at the top of this poll, but the Texas-favorite rest stop is doing just fine. Anytime you arrive at a Buc-ee's anywhere in the country it is packed and business is booming at Buc-ee's.

Still, I wonder if the Beaver at Buc-ee's will have something to say about not finishing first as the favorite gas station brand in the country. Or perhaps it is already plotting a change to ensure it scores better in the next poll.


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