Police along the I-10 corridor are warning residents about a resurgence of smash and grab crimes. These are the kind of crimes where the bad guys smash the windows of a vehicle, loot the contents, and then make their getaway. This often is accomplished in under one minute.

Slidell Police posted this video demonstrating just how quickly a smash and grab crime can happen.

Many law enforcement agencies believe the recent rash of crimes using this method is the work of professional criminals. They travel along a major highway, such as I-10, pull off at major shopping areas and do their dirty deeds.

Police say that parking lots around fitness centers and gyms are particularly attractive to this kind of criminal. That's because many people leave purses, wallets, phones, and other valuables in their vehicles while they work out.

Police suggest that you either take your valuables with you and use a locker inside the fitness center or you put your valuables away out of plain sight in your locked vehicle.  By the way, there is an emphasis on "locked" vehicle. You'd be surprised how many people leave their cars and trucks with all of their stuff inside unlocked making it that much easier for the bad guys.

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