A tale of homemade weapons and uncomfortable holsters are what standout in this Louisiana man's story.

Police spotted suspicious activity happening at the residence of Lori Dupuy in Lafourche Parish. When they approached, Dupuy gave a false name and fled the scene.

They then questioned Justin Savoie, who was at the residence. After a pat-down, they found a concealed handgun, marijuana, and a marijuana pipe. Police also spotted a "zip gun" (homemade or make-shift gun) on the floorboard of Savoie's truck, which the door was opened to.

After obtaining a search warrant, police found additional firearms and homemade suppressors.

Here's where the big discovery came in. While Savoie was being strip searched during processing into the Lafourche Parish sub-station, a small gun was discovered in his buttocks. The caliber and make were not released.

Savoie was charged with first offense possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, a felony charge of taking contraband to penal institution, and a felony charge of improper registration of a firearm.

He was released after posting a $10,600 bond.

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