A recent interview between Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and Oprah created a media frenzy around the world and has drawn harsh criticism from one specific British reporter. That reporter, Piers Morgan, stormed off of a morning show, which he later quit completely, when his co-host called Morgan out.

Check out the clip from 'Good Morning Britain' posted to Twitter by @Gerard_McCarthy below.

Just in case you have been out of the Royal-loop, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently did an interview with Oprah where the dropped bombshells relating to their time being part of the Royal Family and also their own family's future. This has created a media frenzy, especially across the pond where media personality Piers Morgan has been extremely harsh on Markle and Harry.

When one of Morgan's co-hosts decided it was time to speak out against the way Morgan had been reporting on the situation with Markle and Harry, the British TV-personality decided that he could no longer listen to the criticism.

In the above clip from 'Good Morning Britain', you can see when Morgan gets upsets and leaves the set of the show saying on the way, "OK, Im done with this... Sorry. I can't do this".

And now, after the scene unfolded on 'Good Morning Britain', Morgan decided his time was up on the program. Check out Twitter announcements by @Jake_Kanter and @mirrorjeffers below.

Morgan was clearly fed up hearing the opinion of his co-host and no longer felt comfortable in the situation. For me - I think it's a pretty cowardly move on Piers Morgan's part.

I thought this is what a morning talk-show is supposed to be about. Morgan obviously disagreed with what the co-host was saying about his reporting on the situation, but instead of defending his position he decided to get up and leave the conversation all-together.

To me, that is a clear sign that someone knows they are wrong in a situation. Morgan knew that his co-host wasn't wrong at all in what he was saying and no longer had any defense for his position. So, he turtled and walked off of the set.

I am not someone who is completely in touch with the Royal Family or British media, but it seems to me like Morgan is a pretty unlikeable figure through this whole controversy. Either way, Morgan is off of the British Morning show.

If you want a full explanation of the controversy surrounding Markle, Harry, and the Royal Family you can find that HERE.

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