Despite his positive prognosis, it turns out that ‘American Idol‘ winner Phillip Phillips underwent a much more complicated surgery than anyone had imagined.

Although he’s on the road to a full recovery now, TMZ reports that the Georgia native’s kidney condition was worse than doctors had anticipated. The singer actually underwent over six hours of major surgery to remove the kidney stones that had been ailing him.

During the procedure, a stent was placed in Phillips’ kidney, but it was there for so long that it had become embedded in his body. The ‘Idol’ star’s surgeons then had to cut the stent out with a laser. Yikes!

Phillips was recently released from the hospital and is recovering in a Malibu mansion, which belongs to an ‘Idol’ exec. The Season 11 winner will hopefully be back to 100 percent by July 6 when the 45-date ‘American Idol’ tour kicks off in Detroit.

“I’m out of the hospital and back to work!” the 21-year-old singer told E! News on Monday. “Looking forward to the future.”

He added to TMZ, “If I can sing with all those kidney stones in me, I can make the first date.” Get well soon, Phillip!

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