"You gotta do what you gotta do."

That's the caption that WWL-TV used on a tweet that included a video of people walking along the interstate in New Orleans to catch their scheduled flights.

WWL-TV, Twitter
WWL-TV, Twitter

Traffic on I-10 near the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport is hectic enough, but throw in the fact the new billion-dollar airport was built before the flyovers dedicated to bringing traffic to it were even able to break ground.

If you want to get into more of the specifics check out this report from NOLA.com, but today we're going to talk about people who literally got out of their cars and opted to WALK to the airport instead of waiting to not miss their flight.

I'm not sure if you're familiar with New Orleans or Kenner as it relates to where the airport is, but these folks were nowhere close to the airport. Some who commented on Twitter were quick to point that fact out.

You can see folks walking with their luggage, some rolling their suitcases along the shoulder of the interstate while traffic sits at a standstill. While it's understood that traffic will be a nightmare near the airport, things must have been really bad for these folks to get out and walk.

While there could be a ton of reasons why the traffic was bad today, it didn't stop things from getting political in the comments.

But more than anything, it was crazy to think that walking was still a better option than waiting in traffic based on the distance that people had to go to be even remotely close to MSY.

Someone suggested they were only walking to an area that would be easier to catch an Uber or a Lyft ride the rest of the way.

Either way, it didn't stop the criticism, hot takes, or jokes from flying on social media.

One thing to consider is how this affects contra flow during an emergency hurricane situation.

People were shocked that these people would leave their cars on the interstate, but I'm willing to bet these travelers were in Ubers and the clock was running while they sat in a standstill.

Oh, by the way—in the end, the cause of the traffic jam wasn't political at all.

Either way, ALWAYS give yourself time if you're headed to the airport—especially if it's MSY in NOLA.

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