More and more people are showing up around the country to get their COVID-19 vaccine after the recent spike in cases.

However, one doctor in Missouri says that people are showing up for their shot while dressed in disguise. The reason why that they're showing up in disguise is to prevent people that may know them from knowing that they're getting the vaccine.

Some apparently do not want their friends or family to know that they are getting vaccinated during the COVID pandemic, and that is perfectly fine.

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If that is what it takes for some to get the vaccine in order to better protect themselves, so be it.

ABC News reports that one particular hospital in Missouri has set up a "private setting" for vaccinations.

This allows patients to get their shot while not being seen by others in the medical facility.

Some suggest that many are reluctant to get the shot because of misinformation being spread around on social media, and now medical professionals are pleading with everyone to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. Brytney Cobia says that many who need to be intubated, "beg me for the vaccine.” Sadly, she has to inform them that it's too late for the shot.

Vaccination Rates Sharply Decline As States Across Nation Try To Reach Herd Immunity
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A number of local pharmacies are giving the COVID-19 vaccine shot now without an appointment. You can now walk into most pharmacies or medical facilities and receive the vaccination without an appointment.

If you wish to get vaccinated, please visit your local pharmacy or call your personal medical provider.


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