Paws of War is an organization that helps service members bring home dogs they've befriended in war-torn areas, and their latest mission is to save Harley.

According to their post on Facebook, soldiers on a mission in Syria stumbled upon a pack of puppies, and noticed only one moving, barely. This pup's siblings were all dead, so the soldiers picked her up and started to nurse her back to health, as the mother was nowhere to be found, probably dead, as well.

The soldiers are preparing to rotate back to the States, and one of the soldiers wants to bring Harley home, to give her a good life (a "good life" for dogs is hard to find in Syria). This is where you come in: it's not cheap to get a dog home from some countries.

Paws of War serves between 50-60 service members each year, helping them bring their new friends home, whether they were strays, rescued from dire situations, or trained service animals. They are a group of volunteers who also pair dogs with veterans in need of a service animal.

Click here to send your donation to Paws of War, providing what might be the funds needed to help Harley make a journey that will, more than likely, save her life.



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