New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been charged with two counts of prostitution, Jupiter (Florida) police announced this morning.

Kraft, 77, was charged after a months long investigation by local police departments in south Florida centered around a human trafficking ring.

A warrant for his arrest has been issued with the state’s attorney’s office. It is expected to be delivered to Kraft's home in Massachusetts.

Jupiter Police chief Daniel Kerr says several Asian massage parlors were busted as part of the sting.

One of the parlors, Orchids of Asia, has video surveillance of Kraft committing the alleged charge. He, along with 24 other males were arrested for soliciting prostitution at Orchids of Asia.

According to, 173 people have been charged as part of the overall sting, covering 10 different massage parlors that were run from Palm Beach County to Orange County.

Vero Beach Police Chief David Currey shed more light on the disturbing details of the sting involving 5 of the massage parlors in Indian River County, sharing details of the parlors being part of a sex trafficking ring.

Currey said many came from China on temporary work visas, indebted to the the brokers who helped them reach America, but believing legitimate jobs awaited them.

"Some of them are trying to make a better life for themselves," he said. "These people truly are stuck."

They were shamed, intimidated and taught not to speak to law enforcement or immigration officials.

Human trafficking in FL massage parlors broken up -


A Kraft spokesperson has released a statement on the news, saying, “We categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity. Because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further.”

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