A Lafayette Parish School System employee is facing serious backlash after a racial comment from her Facebook page has gone viral on social media.

UPDATE: According to an official spokesperson, LPSS is aware of the situation and is currently looking into it.

LPSS is aware of this situation and is conducting a thorough investigation into the matter. Because this is a personnel issue, no further information will be shared.

As of this afternoon, Colley is still listed as support staff on the Ossun school website.

Julie Colley's official Facebook page states that she is employed at Ossun Elementary School in Lafayette Parish. This only added to the outrage from members of a local Facebook group that read a disgusting racial comment posted from Colley's account.

A screengrab of the comment was posted by Kisharra Angelety in the Whatz Goin on in Acadiana Facebook group, publicly asking Colley if she had any words of explanation.

Facebook, Whatz Goin on in Acadiana

Colley's comment used the N-word to describe an area of Cameron Street "after dark." As an administrator of the Facebook group, Angelety was made aware of the slur after someone in the group reported the comment.

Facebook, Whatz Goin on in Acadiana

Natasha Lynn is the group member who posted the original content that Colley's account commented on, and based on the context of her message it was in reply to a Back to School giveaway that was posted earlier in the Facebook group.

Facebook, Whatz Goin on in Acadiana

Almost immediately, members of the group shared their disgust for the words that were posted from Colley's account. After seeing that she was an employee at a Lafayette Parish school, people immediately tagged the school board as well as the school she had posted as her employer.

Facebook, Whatz Goin on in Acadiana

Others called out the racist comment while some expressed that they were hurt deeply when they saw that the same account that would spew such hatred also belonged to someone who was trusted to look after children.

Facebook, Whatz Goin on in Acadiana

Colley's Facebook page does state she is currently employed at Ossun Elementary School.


A screengrab from the official Ossun Elementary website posted by Angelety shows Colley listed as an In-School Suspension Facilitator and a tutor.

Ossun Elementary School

There were a few members of the group who felt that Colley typing "lol" (laughing out loud) to the end of the comment only added insult to the hurtful slur. Others pointed out that Colley might possibly claim that she was hacked to try and avoid taking responsibility for what was posted from her account. Some even tagged school board members by name, imploring them to look into the issue.

Facebook, Whatz Goin on in Acadiana

Whatz Goin on in Acadiana Facebook group administrator Kisharra Angelety called Colley's comments "truly sad and surprising."

The purpose of the group is to inform our community and share events such as the Back 2 School Giveaway. It's incredibly sad that many of the positive events happening on the Northside are often met with disheartening comments. These events are to support our entire community and it's time for them to stop being viewed as "only for them" or labeled as potentially violent or not family-oriented. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

We've reached out to Julie Colley for comment but have not heard back at the time of this posting.

We will update the story when and if we hear back.

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