An amazing coast erosion program is in place in Louisiana using oyster shells to help build up the coastline according to Louisiana Radio Network. The designers of this program not only have a band of volunteers to help, but businesses that collect these used oyster shells also benefit from tax deductions.

Instead of oyster shells going into a landfill, the shells are used to beef up our coastline. Advocacy Director for the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana Tyler Bosworth says their program has shown it is effective in taking something that was going to be thrown away and recycling it for use in something that benefits everyone in Louisiana.

While the program is only active in the New Orleans area, there is always potential for any community to set up a program. With the restaurants that are already participating, 13 million oyster shells have been collected an used on our coastline.

Here is a video of volunteers:

In the recently completed Louisiana legislative session, lawmakers unanimously passed a bill that will give tax incentives, up to $2,000, to business owners who recycle their oyster shells.

Bosworth says the restaurants that participate would get $1 for every 50 pounds of oyster shells per each restaurant that participates.

Bosworth told Louisianan Radio Network,

Every shell goes through a six-month sun-curing process and twice a year we get additional volunteers to move the shells to coastal Louisiana, where we deploy those in a fashion that creates living shorelines and protects the communities from the effect of coastal erosion.

Five reefs have already been completed, and another is planned for the fall. The bill is awaiting Governor John Bel Edwards' signature.

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