A teacher from Opelousas High School has been charged with simple battery of a student after an incident that involved a Black Lives Matter sweatshirt according to KLFY.

According to the report, the teacher approached a student wearing the sweatshirt and asked the student to remove it because it did not comply with the dress code regulations. Police Chief Martin McLendon says that their investigation revealed that the student told the teacher, Patricia Brignac, that they had gotten permission to wear the sweatshirt.

Here is what McLendon says happened next in the incident,

When the student advised that he had been given permission by a member of the school staff, Brignac allegedly grabbed the student’s shirt and pushed him.

After the incident, the student told their parents who subsequently reported the event to the police department. Brignac was issued a summons in relation to this incident, and she will have to appear in court.

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