Quentin Tarantino always puts references to his old movies in his new movies. So what do you think? Do you think he put references to old QT flicks in Once Upon a Time in Holllywood, his first movie about the actual act of making movies? Correctamundo.

What follows is a list of our 10 favorite Tarantino self-references in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, from the titles of movies made by Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) that feature Easter eggs nodding to Pulp Fiction, to a billboard that echoes a conversation in Tarantino’s very first movie all those years ago, Reservoir Dogs. You don’t need to have caught any of this stuff to enjoy Once Upon a Time in Hollywood — but it sure makes the movie even more fun.

If you find any other homages we missed, let us now. In the meantime, here’s our favorite Tarantino references in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood...

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