Getting stars you loved in the ’80s and ’90s and putting them in commercials seems to be the trend nowadays. Hot on the heels of ’80s teen-idol Matthew Broderick taking a”day off” for a Super Bowl commercial, now comes an ad starring two well-dressed teen idols from the early ’90s. 

Clothing retailer Old Navy re-united ‘Blossom’ stars Mayim Bialik and Joey Lawrence for their latest ad promoting their spring line collection. While the would-be reunion is missing Blossom’s fast-talking pal Six (and Blossom’s older brother Anthony and dad Nick), Bialik does wear her iconic floppy hat. And, of course, Lawrence utters the show’s famous catchphrase (“Whoa!”) that the actor still pulls out from time to time.

Okay, so “Whoa!” is the only word Lawrence said in the ad, but to ‘Blossom’ fans, that’s good enough. It’s cute to see the two on screen in the characters that first made them famous.

Both actors are still sitcom stars today, with Bialik now famous for her geeky character on the ‘Big Bang Theory,’ while Lawrence stars opposite Melissa Joan Hart in the ABC sitcom ‘Melissa & Joey.’ Credit to Old Navy, though, for making us feel nostalgic once again following their ad starring ’80s icon Mr. T. Who’s next on the old-school TV train, the helicopter from ‘Airwolf’?

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