A newly wedded couple in Ohio is getting media attention due to the unique circumstances of how the man and woman got to know each other. The groom, although he is slated to get a new trial soon, was once accused of killing the bride's brother.


According to reports, John Tiedjen and Crystal Struas recently got married at their home in Cleveland, Ohio in front of family and loved ones. While this seems like a pretty normal scenario, the way the couple came together is about as interesting of a love story as I have ever seen.

Brian McGary, the brother of Struas, was killed in 1987. The original suspect in the murder case was none other than the groom in this wedding, John Tiedjen.



That's right. Struas married Tiedjen, who was accused of murdering her own brother. But after Tiedjen's murder conviction was thrown out and he was granted a new trial, Struas reached out to him in jail to offer forgiveness and divulge her belief that he was not her brother's killer.

As Tiedjen remains under house arrest, he awaits a new trial for his previous murder conviction.

I can't decide what is most terrifying about these circumstances. Finding out your brother had been murdered, marrying the man who was at one point the suspect in your brother's murder, or being convicted of a murder that you did not commit. All of these seem to be true from the perspective of the newly married couple, but the new trial for Tiedjen will bring about the truth in the eyes of the law.

Facebook via WDSU News
Facebook via WDSU News

Nevertheless, I hope the newlyweds are happy and get through this next difficult stage of their life together ok. Just from the looks of the couple together, it really seems like they are happy together despite the original reasoning for their meeting.

See the original report from WDSU News' Facebook post below.

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