You'll most certainly be invited to at least one Christmas party, even if your office party is the only one.
Office parties can be a quagmire if you're not careful. Remembering a few basics, can make it more enjoyable, and even improve your standing at work. The most important thing to remember...You're at work!..Whatever you do will be witnessed by your co workers...AND your boss.

Should you have a few drinks? Yes, unless you don't normally indulge. If you "can't hold your booze," you don't want that revealed in this setting. Alcohol is, otherwise, a great social lubricant. Remember to eat. Drinking on an empty stomach can lead to trouble on multiple levels. Dancing is a great icebreaker, but keep it tasteful. This also goes for your attire. Don't be a "wallfower." Mingle.

Be sure to greet, and engage your boss in light-hearted conversation. DON'T discuss raises, employee benefits or anything that isn't festive.
If you're "interested" in a co worker this can be a great opportunity to flirt a little. Don't hook up in front of everybody. DON'T leave together. You don't want to be the subject of water cooler gossip. Here are a few additional (and humorous) tips from

Christmas Party
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