Nuclear bombs are something we all know are devastatingly destructive but, exactly what would happen if one detonated in Lafayette? A new interactive "NUKEMAP" answers that question.


The effects of a nuclear bomb aren't something the majority of people fully grasp. It's all a bit of a mystery really.

We certainly grasp the destructive power of nuclear weapons, but outside of the point of impact, there are numerous other dangerous and deadly effects.

For instance, how far out from the point of detonation does the radiation extend?

How big is the mushroom cloud?

What about nuclear fallout?

The general public's questions about nuclear weapons and their effects are exactly why Alex Wellerstein at the Stevens Institute of Technology created the NUKEMAP, an interactive nuclear bomb simulator.

Nuclear Bomb Simulator

With Wellerstein's NUKEMAP, you can set the location of a nuclear detonation anywhere in Acadiana and it will show you the projected local impacts of the blast.

From -

"The NUKEMAP is designed to show the effect of a nuclear detonation in any given location across the globe. It consists of a map in which users can select a location and model the local impacts of a blast, while accounting for various factors, such as the power of the weapon and whether or not it detonates on (or near) the surface or up in the air."

The NUKEMAP also estimates the potential number of deaths and injuries, how far the nuclear fallout will spread, and also estimates the size of the mushroom cloud depending on what nuclear weapon is detonated and if it is detonated on land or in the air.

Obviously, this is all a bit morbid and strange to be talking about, but in the spirit of educating ourselves to know more about nuclear weapons, the NUKEMAP is actually pretty fascinating.


The map above shows how far-reaching the impacts of nuclear fallout would be felt if a nuclear weapon was detonated in Lafayette.

Below are the estimated fatalities if a nuclear weapon were to be detonated in Lafayette and how far-reaching they would be throughout Acadiana.

(169,930 fatalities and 84,720 injuries)


There are a lot of options to play with before you hit "Detonate" on the NUKEMAP, and you check it all out over at

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