GILBERT, Az. (999 KTDY) - Goodwill is a place where people go to purchase all kinds of donated items from shoes and suits to furniture and books. One book found at the Gilbert, Arizona store now has an Arizona woman looking for the author or recipient of a note that was slipped inside according to Fox News.

The note inside the book is a note of inspiration from a father to a son, and it's beautiful and touching. The woman ended up posting a picture of the letter on Facebook so she can found out who the owner is.

Here is how the whole thing started. Rose Farmer had to take her child to Goodwill to look for a costume for the child. She decided to go browse around where the books were, and a woman standing next to her picked up a book. When the lady next to Farmer picked up the book, something fell out. A letter fluttered to the ground.

When Farmer picked up the letter and read what was written on the sheet of paper she was profoundly touched by what she read. I think you will too. This is the kind of letter you hope that every child you know has received from their father if they are going through a struggle. Here is what the letter said,

Believe, Trent - Believe. You are loved and respected! So let's get going. The ride may be bumpy but we will get there. When you believe in you as much as I do, you will be there. - Dad

Some of the words are underlined here in our story just like in the letter Farmer found.

Farmer ended up buying the book for half off. She is searching on Facebook for Trent and/or his dad. The biggest part of this story though is the impact it seems to have on everyone who sees it.

Whether you are struggling with something small or a monumental life challenge, this letter is for not just Trent, but for you too! Just put your name in place of Trent's, and you will be amazed at the power this little letter will have on you.

The name of the book that the note fell from was "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" by Carson McCullers.

The search for Trent and his dad continues.

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