State Police has arrested a St. Joseph mother for allegedly murdering her newborn and putting him in the dumpster.

The infant was found Monday in front of an elementary school. Senior Trooper Michael Reichardt says 21-year-old Alicia Richard is charged with first degree murder.

“So once the autopsy results came back, blunt force trauma was the cause of death. Our detectives were able to get a warrant for her and put her in jail in Tensas Parish.”

Reichardt says the baby boy was only one day old. He says detectives were able to find Richard when she went to the hospital after having the baby.

“The hospital called, contracted the Sheriff’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office contacted us after receiving the call. So that’s how detectives were able to make contact there with the mother there at the hospital.”

Reichardt says detectives are working to determine how a mother could do this to her child.

“We’re still in the process of talking to her and talking to witnesses so that’s still under investigation.”

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