When I flew in to Lafayette today from vacation, I decided to walk to get my vehicle (which was parked near campus) and was surprised that there are no sidewalks from the airport to Surrey Street.

Blue Boulevard near LFT has no sidewalks!! (Staff photo)

None, on either side of Terminal Drive, save for the partial sidewalk that takes you to the economy parking area and none on Blue Drive.   I had to walk down the street (dragging my rolling carry-on) until I got to Surrey, where the sidewalk began (or ended, depending on which you are walking).

The end of the line for pedestrians trying to get to LFT. (Staff Photo)

I just thought that it was a little strange that an airport the size of LFT doesn't have a way for pedestrians to get in/out.

Don't get me wrong, I love to Fly Lafayette!  The rates are reasonable, the staff has always been courteous to me, the facilities are clean (the food in the cafe' in the terminal is pretty good, too!!), so I guess I had to find something to complain about!  HA!!

At least I was able to get a glimpse of the BO 105 that Acadiana has on standby at the airport!!

The Bolkow Acadiana Ambulance uses for its services. (Staff photo)

No, seriously LFT, let's get some sidewalks constructed, ok?