No Doubt cover the fall music preview issue of Billboard. Since ‘Push and Shove’ is their welcome and long-awaited return to making rock music after a lengthy hiatus that saw Gwen Stefani detouring with a pair of successful solo records and trying her hand at divadom, it makes sense! But she’s back in the No Doubt driver seat and covering the issue, complete with No Doubt-style checkered border and her bright red lips.

The band is draped all over one another on the cover, proving the chemistry and camaraderie is still there.

No Doubt last dropped an album in 2001 in the form of the heavily reggae and dancehall-influenced ‘Rock Steady.’ It took a while for push to come to shove, but the time is now and it appears worth the wait.

“We would’ve loved for it to come out sooner,” Stefani said. The band had a fall 2011 release date attached to the album, but they chose to make the fans wait for all the right reasons. It had to be just right. The singer/fashionista continued, “At the same time, we realized that the people that care about us, that have given us our lives, are out there waiting for us, so what does it matter if it’s a month here or a month there? As long as we make the record of our lives that we are so proud of. Otherwise, why put something out?”

She also revealed that she visited her husband Gavin Rossdale’s family in London and was inspired to write ‘Undone,’ a ballad not dissimilar to ‘Don’t Speak,’ one of the band’s biggest hits.

“I really hadn’t emotionally felt like we could write a slower song,” Stefani confessed. “And we had written the chorus and a verse at Tony’s house, so I took it with me to work on while I was in London. And I think I called you” — here, she points to Kanal — “and said, ‘I think this song might be good,’ and then he finished this chorus. It all happened so fast we were almost insecure about it.”

In other Stefani news, she finally hosted a fundraiser in her home with Michelle Obama. From rocking out to rubbing elbows with the First Lady, Stefani does it all. The 400-person event included Nicole Richie, Alyson Hannigan and more. Tickets started at $2,500, with all proceeds benefitting the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee for the president.

The family-oriented event included fun activities like face painting, balloon animals and refreshments.

According to Us Weekly, Mrs. O was so impressed by Stefani’s generosity and said, “I want to thank Gwen, in particular, for being so kind and gracious and hosting us all here at her beautiful home. And even though [husband] Gavin [Rossdale] couldn’t be here, I also want to say a special thank you to him as well, and also to Kingston and Zuma. I mean, they are letting all of us just enter their house, all the chaos, and they’re being so good about it today. So thank you, guys, for letting us come — indeed.”

That’s Gwen — ever gracious and for a good cause.

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