Is a South Louisiana Cajun still as Cajun outside of South Louisiana? You darn right we are...

Fernando Leon/Getty Images
Fernando Leon/Getty Images

We've all been there at some point in our lives. We find ourselves somewhere outside of Acadiana surrounded by people not accustomed to the things we say or do.

We might let out a "C'est tout fini?" or tell someone to "make a pass" because "we're gonna make a roux" and we get a look as if we're speaking a language from a different galaxy.

For folks who might not know what we're all about, below is officially the unofficial guide to "Nine Things to Expect When a Cajun Moves to Your Town".

In the event that we do move to your town, please know how excited we are to meet you and teach you about our culture, and we're just as excited to learn as much as we can about yours.

We love to learn new things and will be chomping at the bit to find out everything we can about your town to celebrate it along with you. I mean, we've got to find a reason to have a festival, right?

Nine Things to Expect When a Cajun Moves to Your Town

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