Louisiana is all about cheering on our friends and neighbors, and we love it when other people get a glimpse of how special our unique culture and heritage is. So we're not surprised at all that the world has once again embraced the Robertson family. Their wildly popular TV series 'Duck Dynasty' ran on the A&E network for 11 seasons starting in 2012, and made household names of the family members who reside in West Monroe, Louisiana. Their Duck Commander business is still a huge tourist attraction in north Louisiana.

The public has kept up with the Robertsons even after the show ended, with daughter Sadie taking home the mirror ball on "Dancing with the Stars" and son John Luke's marriage and the birth of his second child earlier this week.

And now Korie and Willie Robertson have launched a brand new limited-run series on Facebook Watch called "At Home with the Robertsons". You can see the official trailer for the show in the video below.

The show premiered on April 5th, and will run on Mondays and Thursdays for eight weeks. The couple will welcome celebrity guests into their home in Louisiana and discuss some of the hot topics of the day. Willie Robertson recently made headlines with a makeover that had him shearing his signature long hair and bandana for a more streamlined look. And we kind of like it.





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