This is the perfect phone case for people who already treat their phones like babies.

Marc Teyssier of Telecom Paris had a strange desire: he wanted to tickle his phone. He and his co - workers turned his desire into a reality, a phone case made of a realistic skin that responds to being slapped, touched, and pinched. The case is made from two layers of silicone that surround a copper wire. Fox News explains that pressure on the artificial skin changes the electrical charge of the wiring which leads to reactions from the phone. One example is that a laughing emoji will appear when the skin is tickled. The creators of the skin want to encourage people to react to their phones in new ways and even treat them in ways they treat human beings. They hope to use the information to make robots with artificial skin appear and react more realistically. They even plan to add hair and changing temperatures.

I think the artificial skin looks creepy and I'm not sure I'd want to tickle or pinch my phone. At the same time, this could be one of the next big trends in phones. Kids would probably love a case that does something like this. I think it could also lead to new kinds of stuffed animals and toys that will do more than just talk or move.

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