Let's be honest, for most of us 2020 has sucked wind. The coronavirus pandemic, businesses closing, massive amounts of people losing their livelihoods, and of course hurricanes and a brutal election season. UGH. But one New Orleans woman has managed to put a smile on the faces of some folks who really, really need help.

Keyondra New has found a way to pay if forward to restaurant servers who have been struggling so much this year. Every Monday she goes out to eat, and really talks to the people who are serving her food. She wants to get a feel for how their life is going during these trying times, and gauges whether they need some help. And not just a little help, y'all. Last week Keyondra left a whopping $800 tip for her waitress. And even if you're loaded, that amount could make a difference in your day, week, month. And she does this every single Monday.

Keyonda's Instagram page says "Inspired by the woman who began this challenge @servaserver! We’re giving back to the servers struggling during this pandemic."
She posts videos of her surprise tips, and takes donations to keep the good will rolling. So basically, whatever the tips are for the week is how much she donates to the next worthy waiter or waitress. It's truly an amazing way of paying it forward, and you can see her in action in the video below. Thank you for making our day, and believing in the good of people right here in Louisiana, Keyondra! If you would like to help out with a donation you can do so at CashApp:TipAServer.



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