We absolutely adore our coffee in South Louisiana. It doesn't matter what time of day, we're always down for a great cup of coffee. In fact, it appears that the "Coffee Break" actually started in good ole New Orleans.

Nola.com reports Louisiana's love affair all started with the Mississippi River. New Orleans' location to the river made it a perfect distribution point for South and Central American beans headed for U.S. consumers.

In 1928, the book "Fabulous New Orleans" by author Lyle Saxon hit the shelves. In this book, it's mentioned that it's a fairly regular occurrence to hear a businessman say casually: "Well, let's go and get a cup of coffee" as a visitor in his office is getting ready to leave.

Who knew people didn't do this in other cities?

Saxon goes on to say "Men in New Orleans give more thought to the business of living than men in other American cities. ... I have heard Northern business men complain bitterly about these little interruptions for coffee or what-not."

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