Buc-ee's, the world's largest convenience store is coming a little bit closer to Louisiana. They've just announced they will be opening a new location in South Mississippi.

Mississippi Sen. Phillip Moran recently broke the news to WLOX that a new Buc-ee's location is currently in development in Harrison County, Ms. The new Buc-ee's "will be located on Interstate 10 at the Menge Avenue exit" according to WLOX.

Basically, the new Buc-ee's will be located off of I-10 roughly between Bay St. Louis and Gulfport Mississippi.

Buc-ee's I-10 Exit
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The new Mississippi Buc-ee's will make one of only a handful of locations outside of Texas.

Sen. Moran tells WLOX that the State has already "appropriated the money for it to help with the infrastructure to help with that intersection."

Obviously, when we think of Buc-ee's we think of the yummy beaver nuggets, beef jerky, coffee, and candy, but Buc-ee's also currently holds the World Record for "The Longest Car Wash".


Why Louisiana Doesn't Have a Buc-ee's

Back in 2016, we all went nutty with dreams of beaver nuggets dancing in our Louisianian heads at the news that Buc-ee's would be opening a location on Millerville Road and Interstate 12 in Baton Rouge.

Those dreams slowly turned into sad nightmares as we started finding that this wasn't going to happen.

OK, maybe I'm being a little dramatic but...seriously, why doesn't Louisiana have a Buc-ee's? Why did Buc-ee's suddenly cancel their plans to open in Baton Rouge?

WBRZ reports they spoke with Buc-ee's representative Jeff Nadalo, and he explained that the Baton Rouge location was scrapped "because the company could not secure additional locations in Louisiana."

In the email WBRZ sent to Buc-ee's, they specifically asked if the decision to back out of the Baton Rouge location had anything to do with flooding concerns. According to WBRZ, that question was not acknowledged.

There are few rumblings we've heard about other possible Louisiana Buc-ee's locations, but nothing concrete enough at this point. We will definitely let you know the second we hear something!

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