Meat producers and distributors say you better have a backup plan for the turkey this Thanksgiving. Looks like a shortage of fresh turkeys under 16 pounds, the top seller in the U.S., will be the hardest to find.

Meat producers and distributors are blaming production issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shortage of employees at processing and meatpacking facilities. Companies such as Butterball claim consumers will also pay more for fresh turkeys Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays this year.

Major supermarket chains around the country are seeing their turkey orders cut by 50% or more.

Large and extra-large turkeys should be plentiful this Thanksgiving, however, remember that a 20-pound turkey takes about six days to properly defrost. A heavier turkey even longer.

Remember, there's always ham, chicken or one of the most favorite holiday, or anytime for that matter, Cajun delights...the Turducken.

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