"One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, four here's the keys to the door" of Nancy Thompson's house in "A Nightmare on Elm Street"!

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A Nightmare on Elm Street House For Sale

The iconic Elm Street abode has just recently hit the market just in time for Halloween (marshmallow stairs, window security bars, vodka bottles, and dreamy neighbor/boyfriend Johnny Depp not included).

From the outside, the iconic "A Nightmare on Elm Street" house still looks pretty much the same as it did on November 9, 1984, the date of the movie's theatrical release.

Although we know the address as 1428 Elm Street, the actual address is 1428 N Genesee Ave, Los Angeles, CA.

Heather T. Roy Via zillow.com

Clearly, the home has been updated slightly, but not so much to where Freddy fans won't instantly recognize it as the home of Nancy Thompson and her parents, alcoholic mother Marge Thompson and police sergeant Donald Thompson.

As the zillow.com listing says, "cinephiles will immediately recognize Wes Craven's iconic Elm Street facade."

The interior of the 3-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom, 2-story home is quite different than what you may remember from the movie, having been beautifully redesigned in the early 2000s.

Heather T. Roy Via zillow.com

From Zillow.com -

This elegant traditional was re-imagined by an English designer in the mid-2000s, lovingly lived in by the current owner, and a location for some of Hollywood's favorite films, commercials and print. Cinephiles will immediately recognize Wes Craven's iconic Elm Street facade.


One fun added bonus for the next owners of the famous Elm Street house is that Nancy's boyfriend's house, Glen Lantz played by Johnny Depp, is indeed right across the street just like in "A Nightmare on Elm Street". And, it still looks pretty similar to how it did in the movie.

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Ready to start your own personal nightmare? The asking price on this incredible piece of Horror Movie and Hollywood history is $3,250,000.

The monthly note might be more frightening than Freddy ever was.

Below are a few photos from the listing, and you can see much more over at zillow.com.

Sweet dreams...

Heather T. Roy Via zillow.com
Heather T. Roy Via zillow.com
Heather T. Roy Via zillow.com
Heather T. Roy Via zillow.com

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