The Lafayette Little League (Louisiana) team took on Montana at 1pm Sunday in the Little League World Series, and might have been victorious had they one more inning to play.

Lafayette Little League

Louisiana was down 3-0 at the beginning of the sixth and final inning, having the last at-bat. If you remember, in the Division Championship, the "Cardiac Cajuns" came back from a 6-run deficit in the final inning, at the final at-bat, to win their way to the World Series. The youngsters from Louisiana ran out of game today, long before they ran out of heart.

The Little League World Series is a double-elimination tournament, so Louisiana takes on the Mid-Atlantic Region Champion – Keystone Little League (Clinton County, Pa.) tomorrow at 8pm Easter, 7pm Acadiana time. You can listen to the game on Sports Ratio ESPN 1420.


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