According to reports, a Monroe man was arrested on Animal Cruelty charges after taking home the wrong dog from a local pet groomer. Apparently the man punched and kicked the small dog after being bit, leading to the animal's eventual death.

It all began when 45-year-old Michael Walters was given the wrong dog at a local pet groomer in Monroe, LA. The reports say that the groomer had two dogs that looked similar and ended up sending Walters home with the wrong pet.

Photo by J. Balla Photography on Unsplash

After arriving at home, Walters and his family realized that they were given the wrong dog. As the man went to pick up the dog and return it to the groomer, the dog bit Walters on his finger.

The report says that this is when Walters dropped the small dog and began punching it. As the dog attempted to run away, Walters kicked it.

The dog was then returned to the grooming business, where it later died.

Walters was arrested and booked at the Ouachita Correctional Center on Animal Cruelty charges as well as Failure to Appear.

Photo by Hayffield L on Unsplash

The outcome of this story is extremely unfortunate, with someone's pet ending up dead. But, I can't help but put some responsibility on the pet groomer who sent home a dog with the wrong owners.

I can understand how a dog can appear different from the time it arrives at the groomer to the time it is sent home, but if Walters would have gotten the correct dog this whole thing could have been avoided.

Still, the majority of the blame goes to the man who thought punching and kicking an 8-pound-dog was a good idea. How did he not know he had the wrong dog until he got home? Why would he run down and continue to kick the dog after being bit?

A really unfortunate situation for everyone involved and it all started with a mix-up at the groomer. Best wishes the family of the dog who died during this tough time.

See the report from KTVE 10 KARD 14 myarklamiss on Facebook below.

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