One of Louisiana's favorite good time bands, The Molly Ringwalds ,revealed via their social media details of an epic performance with musical icon Michael McDonald"The Mollys" are fan favorites in South Louisiana and have been featured performers at such great events at Patty in the Parc as well as numerous nightclub and festival gigs in the area.

Michael McDonald hasn't played Lafayette's Patty in the Parc, but his resume' does seem to suggest he's doing okay even without that on performance checked off his bucket list. McDonald has had numerous pop hits as a solo act and been featured as a lead vocalist for The Doobie Brothers in his stellar career.

Last night The Mollys and McDonald combined their talents to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Metro Aviation. That company  operates more than 140 aircraft for more than 38 programs in over 25 states across the country. And to celebrate their success they held an 80's themed party.

What better way to relive the 80s than by having The Molly Ringwalds and Michael McDonald perform. To quote The Mollys' Facebook Page, " It was such an amazing experience, and we’re still reeling from it!" We can only imagine the incredible feel good vibe from the night.

The band shared some of the images of the evening through pictures captured through the lenses of photographers Wendy Siegel and Eric Ascani.

You can see some more of Wendy and Eric's incredible snaps of last night's show in Shreveport by visiting The Molly Ringwalds Facebook page.  Incidentally if you'd like to catch up with the band their tour schedule has stops planned in Destin Florida today, Kenner next weekend and if you want to ring in the new year with Ringwalds you'll need to make plans to be at Beau Rivage in Biloxi on New Year's Eve.

Google Maps/Google StreetView
Google Maps/Google StreetView

McDonald's tour schedule includes a stop in Palm Springs on December 15th as part of the Doobie Brothers 50th Anniversary. He'll also be a featured performer on The Smooth Jazz Cruise 23.2 which also has a Louisiana connection. Lafayette artist Jill Butler is also booked on that cruise as well.

There's been no confirmation as to whether or not McDonald and Butler will be performing together but the two have crossed paths on the high seas before more than a decade ago when both acts were booked on The Bob James Jazz Cruise. 

attachment-Jill Butler Michael McDonald

Butler just wrapped up recording her latest project at Dockside Studios in Maurice Louisiana earlier this month. Her new music featuring Muscle Shoals Horns co-founder Ronnie Eades and  members of The Storyville Stompers should be released and available before the cruise sails at the end of January.


And, if you were wondering about Patty in the Parc in Lafayette for 2023, mark your calendars for March 17th, St Patrick's Day. Details on the the 2023 musical lineup are expected to be released in the next few weeks. Who knows, maybe we'll be treated to a McDonald/Mollys reunion? Wouldn't that be something.

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