Who doesn’t want a mini giraffe?  I always thought there was no such thing... boy was I wrong! Direct TV had a commercial recently that featured the mini giraffe, and seeing how cute this thing was,  I began to investigate. Even with all of my doubt that the mini giraffes existed and that he was just computer generated, the little guy was the real deal! The Sokoblovsky Farms is a farm in Russia that raises these cute little guys and they even have a camera so you can watch them 24 hours a day in REAL TIME! If you are just itching yourself to get your hands on one.. .YOU CAN... well sort of...... It's not real...

Here is the Direct TV Commercial to refresh your memory!

Direct TV made up this website to go along with this commercial campaign and lets just say it GOT ME! My dreams of owning a mini giraffe are now crushed!

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