Clearly not realizing she can do a lot better, Mila Kunis somehow agreed to move in with Ashton Kutcher.

The pair first went public a little less than a year ago -- four months after Kutcher and Demi Moore announced their divorce, which still isn't finalized.

Kunis came out and semi-admitted that she and Kutcher were dating when Ellen DeGeneres called her out on it.

While Kutcher and Kunis won't be able to legally tie the knot even if they wanted to, they  can still play house. Kunis' own pad is being remodeled, so she's been having slumber parties with Kutcher at his bachelor pad ... and may well stay there.

A source told Us Weekly, "Ashton's male roommate is moving out to make room for her."

"They were friends first, and then it switched to love," the source added. "That's a great foundation for a relationship."

Another friend of the couple added, "They really are perfect for each other."

Oh no. Does this mean our girl is actually kind of douchey?

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