Mila Kunis was promoting her upcoming film 'Oz: the Great and Powerful' when she was interviewed by a brand-new reporter for the BBC -- who, instead of actually interviewing the actress, told her about all his friends, invited her to a wedding and explained the British custom of watching 'Baywatch' while dropping your pants.

And she loved every second of it.

The reporter started things off by admitting to Kunis that it was his first interview ever and he was “petrified” about the whole thing.

He ended up asking one question and then the two of them somehow got to discussing a possible hypothetical date with Kunis in which he took her to a pub in Watford for a “Lad Bomb” and a chicken lunch before seeing a football (read: soccer) game, during which they would have a meat pie and drink some pints.

Then, because someone off-screen says she should talk about the movie since that's why she's there, Mila quickly ran down the answers to a bunch of rote questions she assumed he'd ask. But before that, she told the noob how much fun she was having and that it was the best interview she'd done all day.

What we're saying is Kunis approaches Jennifer Lawrence levels of awesome here. And that's a damned high standard for us.

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