Earlier in the day, star for the New Orleans Saints Michael Thomas posted a cryptic message on social media in regards to his recent offseason surgery. Now, the receiver has "liked" a Tweet that may explain his side of the story.

Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints
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Michael Thomas is expected to miss somewhere around five, six, or possibly more of the Saints first games in the 2021 season. All of that is due to the offseason surgery that took place in June. Some reports blamed Thomas for "dropping the ball" on the issue.

Earlier today, Michael Thomas made it clear online that he had feelings about what was being said in regard to his health and recent surgery with a Twitter post of his own.

See the earlier post from @PFF via Twitter below with @Cantguardmike providing his thoughts to social media.

Now, this theory by a football fan on Twitter seemed plausible enough. But, Michael Thomas himself brought much more validity to the explanation than anyone ever could with the simple push of a button.

See @PFF Twitter post, as they pointed out Michael Thomas 'liking' the theory provided.


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Let's get a couple of things straight. Drew Brees and Michael Thomas were obviously always very tight teammates. Their connection was undeniable. I don't think this has anything to do with Drew Brees, I think it all has to do with Michael Thomas and the New Orleans Saints organization.

Wild Card Round - Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints
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One last thing to straighten up - a 'like' on Twitter isn't necessarily Thomas signing off on what the reply said, but it is definitely good enough to get the #WhoDatNation along with other NFL fans stirring.

Twitter didn't take long to notice Mike had liked the Tweet...

As a direct response to the situation with Michael Thomas, former New Orleans Saint Delvin Breaux posted this clip that sheds light on his own experience with the organization to Instagram. You can check out that clip below.

As Breaux explained his story, his post seemingly spells out that Michael Thomas wouldn't be the first player who had their health mishandled by the New Orleans Saints.

We don't know the specifics of the timeline and throughout process behind Thomas having surgery as late into the Summer as he did and Sean Payton declined to speak on his Tweet during a press conference today.

So as the New Orleans Saints organization holds out specifics, the speculation on social media will continue. Here is what people are saying.

However this situation between Michael Thomas and the New Orleans Saints pans out, there is one thing that is indisputable. Thomas has been an absolute force at wide receiver for the Saints and the proof is below.

25 NFL Records Held By Saints WR Michael Thomas

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