The Acadiana Symphony Orchestra is planning a virtual concert this Friday evening, featuring Marc Broussard.

The performances are in a series entitled "Triumph", consisting of tales that touch on overcoming adversities.

The first performance is a take on the classic tale of "Peter and the Wolf", narrated by none other than Marc Broussard.

Friday's second performance is taken from "A Soldier's Tale", a story of a soldier returning home from war who encounters a stranger with an offer. That stranger turns out to be Satan himself.

This powerful story is made even more powerful through the performances of journalist and founder of "The Current" Christiaan Mader as the soldier and local performer and teacher Paul Sahuc as the devil.

Both performances, of course, are set to music from the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra.

Don't miss these performances, good for the whole family (don't worry, it's a happy ending for the wolf), Friday evening at 7pm. For tickets and more details, visit the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra's website.

Special thanks to FM Bank and Lafayette Travel for sponsoring the programs.

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