UPDATE: June 7, 9:10 PM.  Max has been found!!




UPDATE: June 7, 6:20 PM.

I just received a message from Libby, confirming this story. Here is the message we received:

Hello, my name is Libby Malloy. On Thursday night of last week, my now ex boyfriend stole my dog, Max from our house, drove him far from home and left him on the side of the road. I have been a mess every day since, literally not eating and sleeping, hoping and praying for his return. I don't have very many Facebook friends and am desperately trying to get the word so MAX and I can start a new chapter in our lives without my ex, who was always jealous to begin with. Would you mind sharing Max's story in hopes of helping me locate my very loved dog? Max is tan with a black face, about 80 lbs, sweet, playful, not neutered, and my ex made sure he wasn't wearing his tags or a collar. Last seen near Richfield and Golden Grain near the 4 way stop. Please help me find MAX. Also there is a cash reward for his SAFE RETURN. Thanks, Libby Malloy

As of this update, Max is still lost. If you have seen a dog matching his description, please contact Libby via Facebook



According to this post from Facebook, a man has stolen his girlfriend's dog "out of anger towards her" and abandoned it somewhere.

Here is the what the post from Facebook reads:

Please keep an eye out for this dog . Her boyfriend dumped him out of anger towards her . He took his collar off him with his information . She is missing him and wants him back she was told he could have dumped him on Golden Grain Rd. This is what she has to say ---- she is offering a reward I'm not sure where to look My ex took him to either golden grain rd., Maurice,la or Abbeville, la... Told me, and I quote... "You will never find that dog" - Facebook/Lindsey Dionne

I don't know about you, but if this story is true, I'd like to take the boyfriend over to the police station and allow them to have a word or two.



If you have seen the dog, or know someone who does, get in touch with the people who originally posted the pictures. There is a cash reward for his return.

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