We have all done crazy things for a cause we believe in. And when I was younger, well, let's just say we're lucky that social media wasn't around then...

But some people feel the need to go a little bit beyond the norm to take a stand for something they are passionate about. And, if we're being honest, we have to admire this guy's tenacity.

A stuntman named Hunter Ray Barker has upped the game as far as craziness goes. His favorite restaurant, Los Toros Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, was founded in 1967 in the Chatsworth community in northwest Los Angeles. Barker grew up celebrating special family occasions at the eatery, and it is definitely something special to him. So when he heard that Los Toros was struggling, he devised a plan that would surely get some attention. And it did.

Earlier this month Barker soaked in a huge vat of bean dip for 24 hours to call attention to the plight of his favorite restaurant. Not only did he not get out for the entire 24 hours (not even to go to the bathroom) but he made sure to wear a t-shirt and mask with the restaurant logo emblazoned on it for all the publicity that his stunt garnered. And he managed to get a tattoo with the logo on it while in the bean dip as well. Now that's dedication! And Nicolas Montano, the owner of Los Toros tells Reuters he is eternally grateful for the bold gesture. Check out video of the event below, and next time you're in Chatsworth, be sure to stop by Los Toros, y'all.



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