(WWL) Saturday evening a man in an all-white suit got of his car over the Bonnet Carre Spillway on I-10 and using a handgun, started shooting people and cars.

A traffic accident had brought traffic to a halt on I-10 over the weekend near mile marker 211. That was when a man wearing what could have been an outfit from "Saturday Night Fever" got out of his car and started shooting people and cars on the interstate.

Witnesses say he then went up to the ambulance, which was picking up the injured from the original accident and started beating on the door. The ambulance medical staff did not let him in, however.

One man was shot in the arm after having his back windshield blown out and another motorist was shot in the leg.

Police had to get to the scene on foot. According to WW, it took police about 10 minutes to get to the shooter.

The man in the all-white suit has been identified as 30-year-old Devin Jones. He is currently in jail on charges that include attempted murder.

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