Some people will do just about anything for attention on social media.

The latest stunt shows a man walking on beams of the Eiffel Tower without a hornace on and now we are getting a view from the iconic structure like never before.

As you'll see in this wild video, the man documenting this stunt showed no fear as he walked across the beams of the tower. At one point it sounds like you hear the towering swaying and this guy just looks down like it's nothing.

Of course, this is not legal and I am sure that after this video went viral, police began their search for the man who was trespassing.


If you're afraid of heights, this video may have you grabbing onto something because, like some of you, there's no way that I could do this. One mishap and it's over, and I just don't think the "views" are worth it.

While we don't know how high he was when he shot this video, the Eiffel Tower does stand at 1083 feet.

And yes, you can legally visit the tower and take tours, but this guy allegedly decided to take his own personal tour of this iconic structure.


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