The Daily Dot revealed what each state googled the most in 2017. And Louisiana's was...

They got their findings by compiling a list of the biggest news stories, people who drew attention, as well as taking the issues, trends, and events that made Americans pause. They then ran them all through Google Trends to find out which states searched for those things more frequently than any other state.

The most Googled thing by Louisianians was Fats Domino. That makes sense seeing what an impact he had not only on music but Louisiana's music and culture. Here are the top three things people in Louisiana googled last year.

Robert Guillaume (actor who passed in 2017), Fats Domino (musician who passed in 2017), and last but not least... the Al Sharpton selfie.

Here's the map of the country and what they googled:

Ryan Nickum/The Daily Dot
Ryan Nickum/The Daily Dot

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