I am not an expert in these sorts of affairs but I do think if you're on your way to starting an animal rescue facility that being arrested for animal cruelty is not a good way to begin. However, that is apparently what has happened to two Deridder women in Wyoming.

According to reports, Jennifer Stracener and Christina Fant of DeRidder were traveling to Oregon to establish an animal rescue facility. However, the two women were arrested and charged by the Rawlins Wyoming Police Department after more than two dozen dogs were discovered crammed in a U-Haul trailer. To make matters worse the animals were reportedly kept in that trailer outside during sub-freezing temperatures.

Of the 28 dogs and three cats reported to have been discovered in the trailer, 13 of the dogs were dead. The conditions inside the trailer were reported to be "extremely unsanitary" according to a police spokesperson. The deceased animals were reportedly being used to line the bottom of the cages.

Police were uncertain as to how long the animals had been kept in the trailer but witnesses reported seeing the U-Haul parked in the same location for several days. Witnesses also reported that no one was observed checking on the animals as well.



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