A woman in Port Allen, Louisiana is without a home after contractors demolished the wrong home.

WBRZ reports that Ernestine Smith lost her home. which her father built nearly 65 years ago, after contractors destroyed it by mistake. Yes, the contractors got the address wrong when they arrived and they tore down the wrong home.

Rather than tearing her the house next to Smith's home, they tore her house down and now she is left without.

The Baton Rouge station reports that the contractor was notified of the mistake and they returned only to demolish the intended house. As for Smith's home that her dad built for her, it was left in rubble.

She does say that the contractor who accidentally destroyed her house offered her a few thousand dollars after their mistake, but that amount of money will not come close to replacing the home that should not have been destroyed.

WBRZ reports that they spoke to the contractor who tore Smith's house down and that his story about the error in demolition changed a few times. At first, the contractor told the news station that he tore the right house, then reportedly changed his story.

After further discussions, the contractor told the station to not contact him, and if they did he'd seek legal action.

No lawsuit has been filed as of now.


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