(WBRZ) Monroe State Police Trooper Kory York has received a 50-hour suspension for turning off his body camera while kicking and dragging a black male. The black male, Ronald Greene, died while in custody. Ron Haley, an attorney representing the Greene family, says the family is not satisfied with the suspension.

The Greene family want York arrested and terminated for his actions back in 2019. State Police initially told the Green family that York died in a "fender bender" according to documents acquired by WBRZ. Leaked audio proved that York and Trooper Chris Hollingsworth had turned off their body cameras and that State Police had misinformed the family of details surrounding Ronald Greene's death.

According to WBRZ, Troopers Kory Yodk and Chris Hollingsworth, turned off their body camera so the beating wouldn't be recorded. However, when Hollingsworth got back into the police unit, the camera automatically turned back on recording the conversation that took place between the two officers.

I beat the ever-living f*** out of him, choked him and everything else. We finally got him in handcuffs when a third man got there and the son of a b**** was still fighting and still wrestling with him trying to hold him down. He was spitting blood everywhere and all of a sudden he went limp.-Chris Hollingsworth

Chris Hollingsworth was terminated. Hours later he was involved in a single-car crash. Hollingsworth died in the crash that was considered a suicide.

Kory York was given the 50-hour suspension by former head of Louisiana State Police Colonel Kevin Reeves on the very day Reeves announced his retirement. Attorneys representing the Greene family believe the 50-hour suspension is not nearly a valid punishment for this crime and Reeves was just protecting his people.

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