There are people who like to camp and people who like to "glamp". I would fall into the "glamping" category. My idea of getting back to nature is watching a television that is not hooked up to cable or a satellite dish. That's roughing it if you ask me.

Many of you who enjoy real camping, will be pleased to know about some changes that are coming to Louisiana's 21 State Parks. Beginning December 9th there will no longer be a three-night minimum stay to procure a cabin or campsite at a Louisiana State Park. That means if you only want to come for a couple of nights or just one, you'll soon be able to book that.

Officials with Louisiana State Parks have suggested in comments made to the media that this change in minimum stay requirements should make Louisiana State Parks a more flexible choice for travelers across the state.

Reservations for your stay at a Louisiana State Park can be made online. If you prefer to talk to a living breathing person you can call  877-226-7652, up to 48 hours prior to check-in. By the way, if you're planning on stopping sooner than 48 hours you'll have to call in your reservation, they can't do that quick turnaround online and we wanted you to know.



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