For the second year, Louisiana state parks will be partnering with the Workforce Commission to hire people with disabilities and special needs to fill jobs for the summer season. Assistant Secretary for the Office of State Parks Brandon Burris says the idea came from Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser.

“In the process of staffing up, Lt. Gov. Nungesser came up with the idea of us employing people with disabilities to help fill the needs of the parks and in correlation, get them some gainful employment as well,” said Burris.

Burris says the program was popular last year, and many of those that were hired for the summer season ended up staying on beyond the tourist season.

“Ten percent of our overall seasonal workforce that we staffed up for last year were persons with disabilities,” said Burris.

If someone with disabilities or special needs is interesting in the summer work, Burris recommends contacting one of the twenty-one state parks or eighteen historic sites around the state. He adds the information can also be found on the Louisiana Workforce Commission website.

“They have a subsection for the Louisiana Rehabilitation Services.  It’s a state agency that employs persons with disabilities that can direct them how to apply,” said Burris.

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