We are all anxiously awaiting the solar eclipse, or "Ring of Fire," this weekend, and if you have the proper tools it will be really exciting to see.

The solar eclipse happens this Saturday, October 14, and while we here in Louisiana may not get the full coverage, we can expect to see up to an 80-85% "blockage" of the sun as the moon passes between it and Earth.

Back in August of 2017, we got to witness a solar eclipse in Acadiana and I actually signed my kid out of school so that he could witness it and so that I could educate him on what was happening.

Well, while we stood in the yard to witness the eclipse we both noticed something that was absent from our yard.

Eclipse Glasses, Season's Must Have For Upcoming Eclipse Viewing
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

As the sun began to be shaded, everything went silent, and I mean everything. No bird, insect, or animal made a noise as the moon passed in front of the sun.

Perhaps everything in nature thought that it was time to rest or sleep. After all, the middle of the day began to look more like dusk.

And no, it will not be completely dark during the eclipse house, but you will notice that it is a bit darker or "hazy looking."

So, I encourage you to just listen while out in your yard during the hours of the solar eclipse this weekend. You will notice just how eery it really is during a solar eclipse, and how nature truly is controlled by the elements of our solar system.

Remember, if you want to watch the moon pass between the sun and Earth, you should do so with protective eye gear. NEVER look directly into the sun.



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